Elastic indexs rebuilding in shorter time?


Currently we are exploring on Disaster recovery for Elastic.

We have got a few steps automated but rebuild all the Elastic indexes, for us to do this it could take days as we have to do it manually (we have a ton of clients using elastic now).

How do we automate this process to reduce the time? Is there anything you guys can recommend?

Did you consider Snapshot and Restore feature yet?
Instead of reindexing?

Snapshot on the windows VM?

No. I meant: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.0/modules-snapshots.html

Thank you for the reply,

Does this require Kibana?

Can this be done using Marvel?

No and no.

This can be done using postman? If not, what do I use?


Curl as well. Kibana Dev Console.
Elastic curator is also a good way to automate that

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