Elastic indexs rebuilding in shorter time?

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Currently we are exploring on Disaster recovery for Elastic.

We have got a few steps automated but rebuild all the Elastic indexes, for us to do this it could take days as we have to do it manually (we have a ton of clients using elastic now).

How do we automate this process to reduce the time? Is there anything you guys can recommend?

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Did you consider Snapshot and Restore feature yet?
Instead of reindexing?

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Snapshot on the windows VM?

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No. I meant: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.0/modules-snapshots.html

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Thank you for the reply,

Does this require Kibana?

Can this be done using Marvel?

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No and no.

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This can be done using postman? If not, what do I use?

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Curl as well. Kibana Dev Console.
Elastic curator is also a good way to automate that

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