Elastic life cycle management

Hello All.

I am relatively new to elastic and trying to configure elastic policy for life cycle management on a Kubernetes env.

I see that we can configure using curl request.

Is there are corresponding CLI?

I want to control using configmap of kubernetes.

There is no CLI tool, you need to use the API Endpoint, the Kibana interface or write your own CLI tool using one of the clients.

Thanks @leandrojmp.

Does Kibana something that i can control using configmap?

I don't think so, Kibana is the user interface of the stack used to visualize the data and manage the cluster, it also has some rest APIs.

Basically everything in Elasticsearch is REST based.

I do not have much experience with k8s, but normally with Elasticsearch people only use configmap to control the configuration file elasticsearch.yml, that you barely change after you started your cluster.

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