ES 7.4.0 "lifecycle" configuration via Helm chart

We've been managing a limitation we've found with Elasticsearch and Kibana when deployed on a Kubernetes cluster using Helm charts in that there doesn't seem to be any way to configure ILM programatically. Instead once we had deployed EFK/ELK to our clusters we were left trying to manage ILM using the API and UI and/or the Elasticsearch Curator.

I saw in the 7.4.0 update there was a commit to allow "lifecycle" management to the Kibana Helm chart

Has anybody used this feature yet? Does this actually allow for programmatic management of ILM or is this something different? If it does allow ILM configuration from the Helm chart, does anybody have any further examples of how to use the feature (formatting, syntax, etc)?


I'm not familiar at all with kubernetes or helm, but looking at the code change you linked to it appears this is not related to ILM, but a different form of 'lifecycle'.

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