Elastic machine learning - question about Anomaly Explorer

Hi, I am new to Elastic machine learning.

I input some data about users access a product API endpoint, and I have set up 2 influncers, which are the user name and product brand name.

I make one user enormously to access the product API endpoint and get random product brand.

The result is the following

I wonder if it is possible to see a chart or graph to know about what product's brands the user, Tate Cox , has accessed. I have played around the dashboard but cannot see how to make this happened.

Could any one help?

Perhaps build a generic dashboard that shows API endpoint accesses. Then build a custom URL from the Anomaly Explorer to that dashboard, passing the user name from the anomaly record to that dashboard as a filter.

Thanks @richcollier ! This gives me a direction on how to make the thing that similar to what I want !

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