Elastic Maps - Drill Down option to another dashboard

Hi Team,

In current version of kibana ,maps doesn't have an option of drilldown to another page.
This is a great feature which gives more insights to user if it gives drilldown option.

We have an use case to display geographical representation of fraud calls over the time as a landing page, region from where too many fraud calls are coming would like to give a drilldown to another page for further analysis.

Is this something possible in next release?


Hello Ramya,

Is this what you're referring to? This will be available in 7.11.


Hello Aaron,

Thanks you for replying.
Currently we are using version 7.9.3, really liked the drilldown feature available for most of the visualization, but it is missing in Maps.
Anyways glad to hear this it's coming in next release :slight_smile:


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