Elastic Not loading data


We are using BulkProcessor in java to insert records into Elastic Server. We have ExecutorService that creates 12 threads and also 12 connection pools in db. Each thread sends multiple requests to one BulkProcessor which inserts into Elastic. We have a QA cluster for Elastic that loads it perfectly fine. However prod cluster it says it inserted those records but we can't see it in ElasticVue. Are we missing a setting or why could this be happening? Thank you for your help.

What is ElasticVue?

Is the index refreshed before you are searching in it? Did you change the refresh settings of the index?

ElasticVue is an google chrom extension which you can connect to a cluster. That will show the indexes and its basically a UI where u can refresh an index and see real time data. So in that I saw the count which was not matching with how many I counted using afterBulk (Listener).

May be share some screenshots...

But I'd first check using the Kibana Dev Console with something like:

GET /_cat/indices/INDEX_NAME?v

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