Elastic Package custom integration testing network issues

Hey Community,

I'm facing some issues with testing a simple integration for ingesting logs from a peculiar service into the stack via a custom Elastic Agent integration.

I've followed all recommendations, and my custom integration even works correctly once built and installed. The only difficulty I'm having is with the way to correctly run system tests.

Essentially, after I prepare all the necessary configuration files correctly (nothing fails, integration gets deployed, services start up correctly) the Elastic Agent docker container refuses all connections to both TCP and UDP ports specified with a Connection Refused status, apparently because the container is not exposing my specific port once it is brought up by Compose!

I couldn't find any guide specific to networking in testing: is there any guide I might have missed, aside for the public repository?

Thanks, sorry for not posting any example, but I'm not even sure about what I should post to help you decipher this, aside from the full ZIP of the integration!

P.s.: Elastic Stack 8.x, minor versions aren't really relevant. The integration works from 8.0 to 8.9, tests don't work at all against any version :sweat_smile:

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