elastic agent does not open UDP ports on Linux

Hi, I installed Elastic Agent on some RHEL 8.10 and 8.9. The agent was working properly and receiving logs from machines sending to it with Syslog taking advantage of the integration to listen to UDP ports. It has stopped working for a few days now. Basically on the machine with a netstat you can see that the ports are not listening. I use Fleet for agent management. I checked on the KIbana console but it appears to be all confiugerated correctly. I have tried a reinstallation of the agent but the problem persists

Hi @obscure_light, welcome to the Elastic community. May I know which integration you are using with Elastic agent?

Hi @ashishtiwari1993 I'm using the "custom UDP logs" integration version 1.19.0

Any error you getting in Elastic agent logs? Could you try to troubleshoot?.