Integrations Development and `elastic-package` Question

I have been contributing a few PR's for enhancements and bug fixes to Integrations lately, and some of the bigger things I have been attempting require testing the package before submitting a PR. I have gotten my environment all set up, and I can successfully test an Integration package.

The issue I am running into, and hoping someone can help out with, is after I make more changes to the package. For instance, if I test the package once, then let's say I modified the ingest pipeline a bit. I do an elastic-package clean, elastic-package build, and then an elastic-package install in hopes those changes will be pushed to the test stack. Unfortunately, the ingest pipeline changes are not seen in the test cluster. Is there a way to completely remove the package from the test cluster without having to completely blow away the Docker containers and start from scratch? Either that, or force push the changes to the test cluster?

I would appreciate any help with this, as starting the test stack up after a docker system prune -a takes quite some time.

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The command that usually works for me is:

elastic-package stack down && elastic-package build && elastic-package stack up -d -v

This should bring down the containers and bring them back up (usually takes about a minute). If for some reason your changes are not getting reflected, you could manually delete build/ folder and run above command, but elastic-package clean should also do the same.

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Thank you for the reply, Krishna! Okay, so the stack needs to be brought down, rebuild the package, then bring the stack back up. I just pushed my most recent PR I was working on, but I will create a test branch to give this a shot.


That does the trick. Thank you!

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