How to Add custom integration into elastic-agent integration package registry

I am Following this guide
Build an integration

build is successfully done using the command

elastic-package build

getting error

Custom build packages directory found: /opt/elastic-package/build/packages
Packages from the following directories will be loaded into the package-registry:
- built-in packages (package-storage:snapshot Docker image)
- /opt/elastic-package/build/packages
Error: booting up the stack failed: building docker images failed: running command failed: running Docker Compose build command failed: exit status 15

Hi @aurangzeb99 - could you confirm that you're running the Docker daemon and which docker-compose reports a valid path? The elastic-package stack command requires a functioning Docker environment.

There's also a possibility that if Docker is running as expected, your memory or CPU limits may be too low by default. It may be worthwhile to increase the CPU, memory, and swap allocations in your Docker settings. See the Docker docs for more information.

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