Elastic search and kibana elastic didnot load properly

Hi Team,
Elastic search(8.5.3) and kibana deployed through ECK , while accessing the kibana Most of the time facing issue like Elastic did not load properly check the logs .
Is it cover security in the free version of elasticsearch 8.5.3 .

Checked the pod logs haven't find any errors .

How can i resolve this issue .
Can anyone having on this issue .


Hi team,

How enable the logs in eck deployment for the elastisearch and kibana.
Can anyone help on this .


Could you check the logs of your Kibana instances when the error happens using the following command: kubectl logs -l common.k8s.elastic.co/type=kibana

What is the status of your Elasticsearch cluster? kubectl get es -o jsonpath="{.items[*].status}"


Hi @michael.morello ,

If we pass the command:kubectl logs -l common.k8s.elastic.co/type=kibana also not able to see any logs.

< kubectl get es -o jsonpath="{.items[].status}" -n test-reg
[root@atvts3607 ]# kubectl get elasticsearch -o jsonpath="{.items[
].status}" -n test-reg
[root@atvts3607 ] #kubectl get elastic -o jsonpath="{.items[*].status}" -n test-reg
[root@atvts3607 ]# kubectl logs -l common.k8s.elastic.co/type=kibana -n test-reg >

Sarala K

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