Elastic Search Cluster Monitoring in Influx+Grafana

I am using Elastic Search Version 2.1. Now I want to set up ES Cluster (one dedicated master and one replica for now) and Monitor health status of master and replica and other metrics? I was little bit confused posting here my quereis:

  1. Can I use different ES versions on different machines,latest on my new machine?
  2. Should I use XPack or Marvel?
  3. I want to plot my cluster metrics in Grafana ,how can I do that?
  4. Can I measure how much is replication lag in master and replica?

No, all nodes in the cluster must be the same version (apart from when performing a rolling upgrade).

X-Pack is for Elasticsearch 5.x, Marvel for Elasticsearch 2.x.

No idea - have never used Grafana.

Elasticsearch is not a master-slave architecture and writes are replicated synchronously, so there should be no lag.

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