Elastic Search Cluster replicaition -- tribe nodes

(Samatha Kankipati) #1

We have Elastic Search Cluster running with 5 nodes in one single Datacenter..

Now, we want same application on multiple datacenters...

So, instead of running the jobs all the datacenters, to get the data we need, we are thing about ES replication?

Running jobs on single datacenter and replicating the ES data to remaining Datacenters?

Is it possible to replicate the ES data to other ES cluster?

I have gone through Tribe nodes features? It does not say anything about replication and also, our data and indices are same in all the data centers...

Please help me so that i can proceed further

(Mark Walkom) #2

Tribe nodes let you query across multiple clusters, it doesn't do replication.

You either need to;

  1. Use your code to send to multiple clusters
  2. Use a queuing system to do the same
  3. Use snapshot and restore to replicate the data

(system) #3