Elastic Search Indices Migration from Version 5.6 to Version 8.11 (New ES cluster)

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Indices in ES version 5.6 are compatible with ES version 8.11 (New ES Cluster) if we restore these indices by pointing snapshot repository of ES 5.6 cluster to new ES 8.11 cluster?

Can you please share the steps to perform indices migration from 5.6 cluster to 8.11 cluster.

ES (5.6 version) cluster Snapshot repository type is S3


Elasticsearch can generally only fully operate with indices from the latest prior version. There is functionality in recent versions to mount older indices in read-only mode, but I believe this requires a commercial Enterprise license. If you do not have an Enterprise license or need to update or add to the migrated indices you will need to reindex your data. This will require you to update your mappings and remove any use of deprecated features, e.g. document types.

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