Elastic search restore

Hi ,
I am new at Elasticsearch and have some doubts regarding restore , as the documentation is not very thorough on these points .

  1. Let us say i make some changes every time to my index and take a snapshot , now the number of snapshots have increased to more than 5 , if i restore the 3rd snapshot , then will the will the Elasticsearch restore all changes upto that point i.e including 1st , 2nd and 3 rd snapshot or will it only include changes from 2nd to 3rd snapshot ?
  2. And what about read and write operations on the cluster at point of restore ,are they even blocked when restore is happening ?
    example- i am only restoring specific index "A", which is now closed , so while restoring the index "A" would Elasticsearch stop read and write operations on other indexes as well ? what would be the state of cluster in the time of snapshotting


Answer 1
It will restore the state when you took the 3rd snapshot.

Answer 2
In my experience I didn't have any failure to read or write other indices while restoring another one, all in the same cluster.
However it is just my experience.

Hi Andre ,
I am talking about what happens at the time of "restore" but not at time of taking a "snapshot"
And what about read and write operations on the cluster at point of restore ,are they blocked when restore is happening ?.

And can you tell me more about this point you have mentioned "When I use the snapshot, I direct the indexing requests to a queue (SQS) and wait for the snapshot to finish, after which I start reprocessing the docs that are in that queue."
Can you also share some link to create queue(SQS) and use this service ?

Thanks in advance !!

Sorry, I edited my answer.

I don't have a link that teaches how to create this architecture but what I can explain to you is that my application receives several events, processes them and sends them to an "SQS" queue, this queue is consumed by a lambda that reads the data from the queue and does the writing in my index.
The entire environment is on AWS, so I chose this architecture.


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