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Hello Elastic Team, I have a question regarding on Restoring an index.
I perform restore and it ask me to close the indices, so I closed the indices mentioned. Then performed Restore, I checked the Status and its says "Complete", but upon checking the details "Bytes" and "Files" progress it shows 100% but the records shows 10 out of 32 records restored. How come the status became Complete and 100%? when the records are not yet done restoring? Furthermore, the records is not moving or changing, like it just stay as 10 out of 32 records restored, even though I refresh the page.

Well appreciated your response for this scenario. Thanks Everyone :smiley:

The restore process restores the index to the state it was when the snapshot was taken. How many documents did exist in the index when the snapshot was taken?

Hi @Christian_Dahlqvist, may I follow up this one? I still can't get the idea nor I research but haven't find the solution :frowning:

It is not clear to me what steps you have gone through and what you have done. It would help if you provided more details. There is not a lot to go on right now.

What is the state of the indices you restored?

just now, I tried to delete the index and try to restore it, and now I get a complete documents. It seems the restore I do before is not fully restored the docs including bytes because it only takes the document at that moment, correct me if i'm wrong

I do not understand what you mean. Can you please elaborate?

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