Performance impact

Hi all ,
Some basic doubts which i have

  1. What is performance impact on cluster while snapshotting ?
  2. Is there any downtime while restoring snapshot in the same cluster
  3. Let us say i am a restoring an index "A" on my cluster from snapshot, does it effects read and write operations on other index ?
  4. And what about the restoring part let us say i take 3 snapshots , A,B and C in the same order , now if i restore snapshot B , will the snapshot include all the data upto B (i.e changes in A and B ) or will it only include changes done between taking snapshot A and B and not all of the data collected upto that point of time when snapshot B was taken .

Thanks to all for being patient while reading my questions :smiley:

  1. The only thing I could think of is if you had poor storage/network connections
  2. Define downtime
  3. It might have an impact, yes
  4. All data up to point B

Thanks for responding Mark ,
downtime here means: let us assume if i close an index and then try to restore it from a previous snapshot , would it slow the rate/speed of read and write operations on other indexes as well ?
what kind of impact it will have on other indexes ?

It would depend on the size of the cluster, the specs and the size of the restore.

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