Elastic search to be deployed as embedded or client/server mode


Which is the preferred mode of deployment for Elasticsearch, embedded mode or client/server mode.

Apache Solr and most of the SQL, NOSQL databases are usually deployed in client/server mode. Where server runs as standalone and client might be a driver library which will be used in the application.

In case of Elasticsearch, client and server binaries are the same. It would be difficult to package two separate Elasticsearch binaries, one for client to use in application and another for standalone server. I am planning to go with Rest API because i cannot package two set of Elasticsearch binaries in my product.

What is the general practice for Elasticsearch deployment? Keep Elasticsearch as standalone and use Rest API or embedded Elasticsearch within the application.


Client / Server. Note that a REST Client is coming.

We don't support any embedded use of ES, there's just too many variables.