Elastic search upgrade from 7.16.2 to 7.17.7

Hi Team,

we are trying to upgrade Elasticsearch from 7.16.2 to 7.17.7 through rpm package and getting following error One or more requisite failed: service.elastic.elasticsearch.service, Can someone help here?

What is the pre-requisite for 7.17.7

Thanks in advance.

Regards | Bibhu

Hello @Bibhutibhusan_Sahoo
Welcome to the community.

Can you share the compete stacktrace of the error?

How did you upgrade the cluster?
One node at a time ?
Or you did all nodes upgrade at once ?

Hi Dinesh,

we are trying to install/upgrade Elasticsearch in single node through salt stack script with below error. We are using openjdk11

"file_|-elasticsearch.service_|-/usr/lib/systemd/system/elasticsearch.service_|-managed": {

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] "run_num": 28,

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] "sls": "service.elastic",

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] "changes": {},

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] "comment": "One or more requisite failed: service.elastic.Install elasticsearch",

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] "duration": 0.004,

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] "result": false,

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] "start_time": "11:20:13.493964"

[2023-06-27T10:20:20.485Z] },

Regards | Bibhu

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