Elastic-stack 6.7 index to elastic-cloud

Hi every one, I'm new in cloud services, I have elastic stack on premise, and I want to run machine learning for one index from my stack into cloud services.

I must replicate the index in the cloud ? or cloud cant conect the data from the stack?


You need to index your data in cloud.elastic.co.

If your local cluster is available on internet (secured obviously), you can use reindex from remote.
Otherwise you could start a local logstash to do it.

But It's SAAS environment, so how can i read the log file.

Sanchit Gupta

I did not mean to read a log file but to read elasticsearch with the elasticsearch input plugin.

thanks David, yes it's online and secure!

Reindex you suggest ?

Yeah. Reindex should be the most straight forward method IMO.

but reindex it not real time rigth ?
I need someting like index replica!
this exists ?

thanks dadoonet!

If you need data in near real time I would recommend you index the data into both indices in parallel.

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