[Elastic Stack 7.1] Built-In user authentication

Hi There,
I am going through this tutorial to learn security features

The first couple of steps are working fine and I am able to add built-in user "kibana" into kibana.yml

elasticsearch.username: "kibana"
elasticsearch.password: "*******"

However, when I re-start kibana and try log back in as "Kibana", there is still an error message pop up saying

Can anyone please advise what is wrong here?

kibana is a system user that Kibana uses to connect to elasticsearh and should not be used by end users logging in through Kibana. Use the elastic user to log in via Kibana for now and in one of the following steps of the guide you'll see how to create users that you can use to authenticate from then on.

Thanks mate, yes I am able to login as elastic and create users with chosen roles.

I got the same error message when i am trying to login to the kibana ({"statusCode":403,"error":"Forbidden","message":"Forbidden"}) after entering the credentials. I have followed "steps of guide" that you mentioned but kibana is not opened yet


Please don't hijack threads, but open your own. Also please help us to help you. You need to provide details about what you have done exactly , the exact error message , the logs from elasticsearch and kibana.

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