Kibana error 403 forbidden

I just setup my xpack in elasticsearch 7.1.0 and changed all my built-in user passwords.
this is the change i made in Kibana.yml true elasticsearch.username: "kibana" elasticsearch.password: "password@123"

When i restarted Kibana,
i ws prompted with a username password page, where i gave
kibana/password@123 that i had set in my yml.

Im getting the below response:

Please help me out.

Hi @katara

This 403 - Forbidden will happen when the user does not have the appropriate permissions to access Kibana. Try assigning the kibana user the kibana_user role to make sure it has the appropriate permissions.

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Thanks Corey,
I did try with the "elastic" user and it seems to work well, but when I created another new user and have it a simple kibana dashboard role, there is an error stating "error in visualization internal server error"
It looks like my user is not about to get to the index.
How do I provide the access to this user? @corey.robertson

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