Error 403 after login with kibana

why i get this error after login in kibana??? image

Hey @yaser, which user are you logging into Kibana using? If you login using a user which doesn't have any "Kibana Privileges", you'll see this screen and at the moment you'll have to close your browser and re-open it to log in as a different user. We're actively working on improving this situation per

Hey @Brandon_Kobel , i used this command to set default users password =>>./bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive
and after that i set this config in my
kibana.yml ==>>
elasticsearch.username: "elastic"
elasticsearch.password: "password that i set from above command" "something_at_least_32_characters" true

In your kibana.yml you should be using elasticsearch.username: kibana. However, this isn't the user which I was initially asking about. When you get the login form in Kibana in your web browser, which user are you using to login there? That's where you should be using the elastic user, at least initially.

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thank you so much !!worked :slight_smile:

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