ElasticAbout Elasticsearch & Kibana process persistence

Hello from Japan
I have a question for you respected engineers.
I am an inexperienced Japanese engineer with Elasticsearch.

I have a question about how to make Elasticsearch & Kibana version 8.11 process persistent using systemctl in a Linux (Ubuntu) environment.

We understand that the following differences exist depending on the Elasticsearch/Kibana installation method. Please let us know if our understanding is correct.

●Differences depending on the installation method of Elasticsearch/Kibana
① When you install Elasticsearch/Kibana using Wget, the "persistence using systemctl" setting is automatically configured.
② If you download and extract tar.tgz Elasticsearch/Kibana, you will need to manually configure "persistence using systemctl".

If we are wrong, please tell us the difference between "1. Wget installation" and "2. Download and extract ZIP module" below.

In addition, please let me know if there is a website that provides hints and instructions on how to make the Elasticsearch and Kibana processes persistent in ① & ②.
I would like help from all of you respected ELASTIC engineers.

I await your replies and information.
Thank you

The RPM/DEB installation packet will do for you:

  • copy binaries to dedicated dirs on the partition
  • register the systemctl service
  • create users for the service on OS level
  • generate self-signed certificate and set HTTPS settings in .yml(depend of version)

GZ/ZIP contains only files, you can copy and run from any location, no the service registration, no user creation, everything is commented in .yml.

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