Elasticsearch 1.0 Snapshot - What happens when some of the incrementals are unusable?

Unable to find a recording for the slide deck posted at

An interesting scenario is described in slides 16-19 where some of the
incrementals might not be usable (corrupted, missing, etc).
The slides seem to suggest that a restore might still be possible using
the usable incrementals?

ES snapshot/restore looks like an interesting approach which if I
understand the slides is not subject to the issues of ordinary incremental
backups... In an ordinary incremental backup, an entire set is required
including the base point where you begin making incrementals. If any
incrementals in a normal backup is lost, then you would be able to restore
only up to before the lost incremental.

Am suspecting that ES snapshots are incrementals that contain more or less
completely independent data, so if any incrementals are lost you only lose
the updated information in those incrementals but can restore both the
updated data after the lost incrementals and the old, not updated data
prior to the lost incrementals?

All of the above is speculation on my part, am wondering if any of it might
be true.


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