Elasticsearch 5.2.2 Raspberry pi 3 low cpu memory optimization

I have successfully installed elasticsearch 5.2.2 on arm raspberry pi3 and i have 100% all
cpus. Except max memory , shards and rellocation is there any other
settings to apply for low resources machines? Eg threads and max cpu
cores or something else as optimization? Thanks in advanced for help


Sorry for the lack of response. We're at Elastic{ON} 2017 now, as are many of the regular respondents in these forums. I personally do not have a Raspberry Pi 3, so I cannot replicate this to see what may be going on. Hopefully someone else may have some insight.

I just wanna know what else can i modify except Except max memory , shards and replicas to save resources.
Like max cpu core threads using elastic. Thanks for your answer

Weird no one knows...

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