Elasticsearch 5.6 Installation - single node

I am trying to install ES 5.6 as a single node and currently would like to explore in development mode. Once known to be a stable application after necessary checks for indices, later would like to switch to production mode.

I am hitting startup issues saying boostrap checks failed.
We dont have option to configure options as root for virtual memory expansion and disable swap feature.
Currently the host I am working is having 7G RAM as in total memory and available is 5G RAM.
Please provide me the best options to run single node ES , amount of data to ingest, shard allocation..etc.

For getting your single node started, you can set the discovery-type to single-node which will treat the bootstrap checks as warnings rather than errors.

In order to run a larger cluster, you will need to fix the bootstrap issues. It is not possible to form a cluster across multiple machines if the bootstrap checks are not met.

I am unable to understand where exactly I have put the settings
discovery-type:single-node ? in the elasticsearch.yml file?

Add this to your elasticsearch.yml

discovery.type: single-node

I would recommend that you invest some time into reading up about configuring and operating Elasticsearch. Although we endeavour to make everything work well out of the box, you will find it much easier to manage if you understand the basics of ES administation.

I am still going through the documentation for ES, since we are at 1.x and would like to upgrade.
I couldnt port the data from one instance to new instance due to different hop versions to go with breaking changes.

We will require to run only in single node even in production, since we retain the data only one node and then data retention is set for only a week.

The reason for choosing one node :
We use timeseries database to store the data as the end result of our pipeline.

Do you think we can still setup to discovery type to single in production or we need to put some other special configs to ensure its the only master node for ES?

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