Elasticsearch 6.3 ingest-user-agent

Hi There,

I am new to the ELK Stack and I have been experimenting with it for the last few days.
What I would like to do now is ingest my IIS Logs. Unfortunately, it looks like the ingest-user-agent module and the ingest-geoip modules are still 6.0.1 (at least that is what my elasticsearch logs say after elasticsearch crashes).

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Plugin [ingest-user-agent] was built for Elasticsearch version 6.0.1 but version 6.3.1 is running

Does anyone know when the 6.3.1 modules will be available or how I can get these modules running with 6.3.1?

Thanks a lot!

Just remove the plugins and reinstall them

Hi David,
I got it working. The problem was that as I installed the ELK Stack on a server that does not have internet access, I needed to install the plugins manually. I obviously copied them to the wrong dir (\modules instead of \plugins)..


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