Elasticsearch as Tile Server

I have looked at creating dynamic data MVT tile servers from POSTGIS using ST_AsMVT & ST_AsMVTGeom functions. Elastic search supports tiling , tile grid aggregation , vector layers. My data is more suitable to be stored in Elastic.
Can Elastic search be used as tile server which serves MVT tiles and be used with Mapbox or leaflet maps. I have to use maps in mobile app.

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Hi @Nishant_Gauttam. We are in the process of considering how to create vector tiles from Elasticsearch aggregations in Elastic Maps. So you might want to follow this issue.

At this time, we are only considering how to expose vector tile functionality in Elastic Maps. But you could definitely do this in your own application. You will need some sort of middleware between the client and Elasticsearch to convert the aggregation results into vector tiles. Kibana acts as the middleware component in our POC for vector tiles.

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