Elasticsearch or Kibana servers / APIs as Vector tile server

As a bit of context, for my web app, on the Angular frontend, on top of Google Maps APIs, i'm using Uber's deck.gl library for better rendering geo-spatial data (GeoJson layers and MVT layers).
For the deck.gl MVT layers I was using PostgreSQL PostGIS as Vector tile server.

Now, I migrated away from PostGIS and I'm storing the geo-spatial data (collection of shapes and points) in ElasticSearch for faster indexing and querying.

I was wondering if with this initiative or in the near future (in a roadmap), will I able to use ElasticSearch or Kibana as a Vector tile server in order to get geo-spatial data (normal for shapes and clustered for points) only for the current map viewport (based on zoom and pan / drag on the map) and in the Mapbox .mvt / pbf formats?

I saw you guys did a wonderful job of implementing something similar here into Kibana Maps (serving as Vector Tiles geo-spatial data from ElasticSearch: normal shapes and clustered points).
Until any ElasticSearch implementation, do you expose and can I use any APIs from Kibana?

I'm looking forward to your response!
Thank you very much!

Hello Florin,
We are currently working on a prototype to do what you describe within Elasticsearch. We will update as we progress. It’s definitely something we are considering for our future roadmap.

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