Elasticsearch backup & restore issue

Hi all,

I'm trying to do backup and restore of elasticsearch data.

I have taken backup of my elasticsearch data.
But when i try to restore my backup, it gives errror that "cannot restore index [ilm-history-3-000001] because an open index with same name already exists in the cluster."

I'm unable to close or delete the indices : ilm-history-3-000001 , ilm-history-3-000002 and .kibana.
When i try to close it or delete, it comes back again.

How to go about it?
Any setting to again restore my data?

You cannot restore a snapshot over existing indices. Do you want to restore those system indices?


When i use backup command all indices get backed up including system_indices.There is no way i can omit them.
While using the restore command, it becomes an issue with system indices auto generated saying system indices already exist.

I got it. I restored only system indices required by kibana and omitted them after rejected by the system.
I used in dashboard panel instead of command line.

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