Elasticsearch binds to all interfaces even with network.host commented out

I installed the latest Elasticsearch but it binds to all interfaces even with network.host commented out, is that expected behavior?

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How did you install and exactly what version... did you do the default installation with security?

Can you share your elaticsearch.yml?

I suspect elasticsearch transport is not bound to all interfaces, I suspect if you did the default install with default security the HTTP transport is then bound to all interfaces, that happens with the default install you will find a line like this in the Auto Security Confinguration Settings

#----------------------- BEGIN SECURITY AUTO CONFIGURATION -----------------------
# The following settings, TLS certificates, and keys have been automatically      
# generated to configure Elasticsearch security features on 19-04-2023 22:14:03
# --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Allow HTTP API connections from anywhere
# Connections are encrypted and require user authentication

You can certainly changes that if you like

yup that was it, can the docs be updated though? In this section

it says

By default Elasticsearch binds only to localhost which means it cannot be accessed remotely. This configuration is sufficient for a local development cluster made of one or more nodes all running on the same host

Also in elasticsearch.yml it says

# By default Elasticsearch is only accessible on localhost. Set a different
# address here to expose this node on the network:

Perhaps open an issue against the elasticsearch repo.

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Thanks both for working out what was happening here. This looks like a docs bug to me too. I was going to reopen #95646 but I see that @alexl9 has opened a new issue at #95706 instead.

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