default isn't just localhost

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I read in the document that by default elasticsearch 5.0 only binds & publishes to localhost which is a good security posture; however using Debian, I have found that is not the case.

If I leave blank, it binds & publishes to every IP on the machine.

I have three devices (eth0, loopback & tun0). I want to bind & publish to the tun0 and lo, but not the eth0 interface. I have found no way to do that. I can get it to bind to every interface/IP address or only bind to one specific IP or interface but not two and exclude the third.

I have a simple solution "IPTables"; however it seems from your documentation that it's been compiled to only use the localhost by default and that's not the case.


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Can you provide your elasticsearch.yml configuration ?

Did you read :

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Hi Xavier,

Yes I did. That worked in 2.4 but on my debian box on 5.0 it didn't.


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