Elasticsearch CCR, former follower (leader) index is not writable

I use ES 7.7.1

Below UC that I am trying to test:

  1. I have two clusters leader and follower. On leader I have created index, and alias.
  2. Starting follow process, I see that index replicated to the follower as well as alias. Everything is good.
  3. I am starting unfollowing process (pause, close, unfollow, open)

Two different 'leader' clusters. I have an ability to write to former follower (leader) as well as to original leader.

I try to index some document to former follower (leader), I am getting error saying that index is not writable.

I starting to check indices and see that in original cluster

"aliases": {}

However in follower cluster I see

  "aliases": {
    "MyIndex": {
      "is_write_index": false


  1. How come that after replication value of "is_write_index" changed to false. Is it expected behavior?
  2. If it is expected behavior, should I update "is_write_index" to be true on former follower (leader) in order to continue index documents to it?

P/S - I am reading what is is_write_index in documentation, and see that here description of this flag contradicts with description on this page


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