Elasticsearch cluster not coming up

Readiness probe failed: Waiting for Elasticsearch cluster to become ready. Cluster is not ready. I'm using a microk8s HA cluster. I can provide details.

all nodes are running?
I mean the master node and data node?

Hi Balaji,

All nodes running. All are master nodes. Running control plane.

I think this is a volume claim issue.

can you share the logs of the pod
which will be more helpful

Hi There are no logs because the pod is not up. That is the issue.

If anyone is going to be able to help you will need to provide a lot more information.

Which version are you using?

What does your cluster configuration look like?

What is in the Elasticsearch logs when it tries to start up?

Youy stated that all noides were running, which means they should produce logs. Please be more elaborate in your descriptions as having to ask for every single piece of information and get short incomplete answers is tiring and may make people stay away from assisting.

Hi Christian,

I found the issue. I was using microk8s 3 node cluster for my use. In that case microk8s is using "microk8s-hostpath" storage provisioner for provisioning. And im trying to deploy 2 ES pods. In the k8s documentation it is said that hostpath should not be used for cluster setups. It is recomended that I use local volumes or NFS. Using hostpath was the matter with regard to my issue.

More Details:

ES appVersion: 7.17.3

Cluster Config : 3 nodes microk8s cluster

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