Readiness probe failed: Waiting for elasticsearch cluster to become ready

Hi, I'm running ELK stack using helm charts through the elastic community operator git repo.

My ES is a single node cluster, today morning suddenly the pod failed and unable to bring up and receiving the below from the event.

Readiness probe failed: Waiting for elasticsearch cluster to become ready (request params: "wait_for_status=yellow&timeout=1s" ) Cluster is not yet ready (request params: "wait_for_status=yellow&timeout=1s" )

I have already added in elasticsearch.yml config the below parameter
clusterHealthCheckParams: "wait_for_status=yellow&timeout=1s"

But still getting the below error. and this from the ES log...

Preformatted text "timestamp": "2021-05-06T09:09:47,490Z", "level": "WARN", "component": "o.e.l.LicenseService", "": "elasticsearch", "": "elasticsearch-master-0", "message": "LICENSE [EXPIRED] ON [WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28, 2021].\n# IF YOU HAVE A NEW LICENSE, PLEASE UPDATE IT. OTHERWISE, PLEASE REACH OUT TO\n# YOUR SUPPORT CONTACT.\n# \n# COMMERCIAL PLUGINS OPERATING WITH REDUCED FUNCTIONALITY\n# - security\n# - Cluster health, cluster stats and indices stats operations are blocked\n# - All data operations (read and write) continue to work\n# - watcher\n# - PUT / GET watch APIs are disabled, DELETE watch API continues to work\n# - Watches execute and write to the history\n# - The actions of the watches don't execute\n# - monitoring\n# - The agent will stop collecting cluster and indices metrics\n# - The agent will stop automatically cleaning indices older than [xpack.monitoring.history.duration]\n# - graph\n# - Graph explore APIs are disabled\n# - ml\n# - Machine learning APIs are disabled\n# - logstash\n# - Logstash will continue to poll centrally-managed pipelines\n# - beats\n# - Beats will continue to poll centrally-managed configuration\n# - deprecation\n# - Deprecation APIs are disabled\n# - upgrade\n# - Upgrade API is disabled\n# - sql\n# - SQL support is disabled\n# - rollup\n# - Creating and Starting rollup jobs will no longer be allowed.\n# - Stopping/Deleting existing jobs, RollupCaps API and RollupSearch continue to function.\n# - transform\n# - Creating, starting, updating transforms will no longer be allowed.\n# - Stopping/Deleting existing transforms continue to function.\n# - analytics\n# - Aggregations provided by Analytics plugin are no longer usable.\n# - ccr\n# - Creating new follower indices will be blocked\n# - Configuring auto-follow patterns will be blocked\n# - Auto-follow patterns will no longer discover new leader indices\n# - The CCR monitoring endpoint will be blocked\n# - Existing follower indices will continue to replicate data", "cluster.uuid":Preformatted text

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces {"type": "server", "timestamp": "2021-05-06T10:05:49,075Z", "level": "WARN", "component": "o.e.x.w.e.ExecutionService", "": "elasticsearch", "": "elasticsearch-master-0", "message": "failed to execute watch [85e301d2-f79e-4414-81c2-20c84e2bc2d6]", "cluster.uuid"

Looks like your license expired. You'll need to update it or convert to the basic license.

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