Elasticsearch cluster status is yellow

Hi, I have created elasticsearch,kibana and apm in a single node and all is working properly ,kibana and apm is healthy but elasticsearch status is yellow.I also want to say elasticsearch status was green before,but after adding cluster.name: "docker-cluster"
xpack.security.enabled: true
xpack.security.authc.api_key.enabled: true in elasticsearch.yml file it is in yellow.
if I am running curl -u username:password -XGET 'http://localhost:9200/_cat/shards?v' I am getting apm-7.17.9-onboarding-2023.09.13,apm-7.17.9-error-000001,apm-7.17.9-metric-000001,apm-7.17.9-profile-000001,apm-7.17.9-transaction-000001as duplicate and in that one is started and other duplicate one is UNASSIGNED. I have deleted unassigned shards but next day If I am restarting the elasticsearch I am getting apm-7.17.9-onboarding-2023.09.13 as duplicate I want to make elasticsearch healthy.How to do it?


First of all, please share your complete yml files.

Also, since you have configured cluster name that means you must be working with cluster mode. Have you configured master and data node? If yes, then please share both the yml files.

I would suggest you to clear your path.data content from your disk system and then try to perform fresh setup in a cluster mode.

Hi, cluster.name: "docker-cluster" is by default and I am using single node for elasticsearch in ecs in aws.

If you are just running elastic on single node then delete the data content and delete any indices you have and then restart it again


curl -X DELETE "localhost:9200/<index_name>?pretty"

I have done that but as I mentioned earlier I have deleted that specific index eg.apm-7.17.9-onboarding-2023.09.12 but if today I restart the elasticsearch that index is created again with apm-7.17.9-onboarding-2023.09.13 and again I have to delete it then it becomes green but I want to be persistent.Then how we can do it?

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