Elasticsearch cluster with AWS Spot Instances

(Felipe Hummel) #1

Hey guys, I've been thinking about the idea of running a elasticsearch
cluster in AWS/EC2 mixing "normal" (on-demand or reserved) instances with
spot instances.

The motivation is simple: spot instances run just as fast as a normal
instance but with a much lower price/hour. With the "only" caveat being
that the instance can die at any moment (if the floating price goes higher
than your bid).

The idea is to have a 50/50 or 30/70 split between normal and spot
instances. For example, 4 normal instances and 8 spot instances.

My questions/doubts are:

  • Has any one tried this kind of setup?
  • One "safety" issue is that master/primary shards can be allocated in spot
    instances which are prone to die. Anyway around this? Maybe allocate all
    primaries in the "normal instances"?
  • The number of spot instances can't be much higher than the number of
    normal instances. That would mean that, maybe, a shard woulnd't have a
    replica in at least one of the normal instances, which could be risky.
    Anyway around this?

Any thoughts?


Felipe Hummel

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