Elasticsearch clusterstate data

hello,I have a question need to have a answer,which is if my master es nodes have multi datapaths,the clusterstate data will be saved Multiple and which is Exactly the same

Cluster state is stored once per node.

is that master node's multi data path has the same cluster state data?

What do you mean sorry?

my Elasticsearch nodes has configed multi data path,and the master node also has multidata path,then i find the master node every data path has the '_state',I just want to konw wether the '_state' dir has the same data?just like the below picture the master node has two path data01 and data02 which both has '_state' dir,Do they have the same data?

That's the state of the shard, not the cluster state.

that is my master node data path,I have another problem,if I delete the all nodes clusterstate data file,wether the indices can be recoveried from its data nodes path?

Why would you do that though?

because when elected master,the candidate master has diffent term,I want to delete the clusterstate data to have a try

You are likely going to cause major issues for yourself doing this, and it's not something we support.

thanks , I see

See these docs for more information:

WARNING: Don’t modify anything within the data directory or run processes that might interfere with its contents. If something other than Elasticsearch modifies the contents of the data directory, then Elasticsearch may fail, reporting corruption or other data inconsistencies, or may appear to work correctly having silently lost some of your data.

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