Elasticsearch Cross-Cluster Search with OpenDistro


I have one old cluster based on opendistro
And new with ELK

I try configure Cross Cluster Search.
But then try run search from elk to od, get error:

[2021-03-02T07:05:27,713][ERROR][com.amazon.opendistroforelasticsearch.security.filter.OpenDistroSecurityFilter] No user found for indices:data/read/search from TRANSPORT via netty {_opendistro_security_initial_action_class_header=SearchRequest, _xpack_security_authentication=x43zAgAHZWxhc3RasdfwZXJ1casdfCgEJX3Jlc2VafmVkBQEaAAAEAC2Vsay10ZXN0LTAxCHJlc2VydmVkCHJlc2VydmVkAAAKAA==}

Any ideas on how to fix the rights issue?

You will need to ask the OpenDistro community.

I asked here because I think there is a snag with xpack authorization and I need to disable them.

The error message is related to OpenDistro which is not supported here. That is why I recommend you seek assistance in the OpenDistro forum.


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