Elasticsearch Curator 4.2.6 clarifications?


1)In curator i can able to get date pattern as Name-2017-03-30 for a snapshot but i want like this Name-2017-Mar-30 ? Is it possible?

  1. I have a ES cluster consisting of 5 nodes . Each node has an VM (i.e for 5 nodes i have 5 VM's) . Do i need to install curator in all the VM's or Can i install in any one VM ? What happens if that curator installed VM goes down?

  2. Do i need to run cron job for backup and restore using curator in any one VM(I.e node) or i have to run in all the VM'S(i.e nodes)? What happens if cron job running VM goes down?


No, unless you want to do it manually. Curator provides no deterministic way to do that.

In cases like this, you can deploy Curator to each node and set [master_only] (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/client/curator/current/configfile.html#master_only) to True in your client configuration file. This flag tells Curator to only run the actions on the elected master node, of which there will be only one (unless you've put yourself into a split-brain scenario). The elected master is the actual master node out of all of the eligible master nodes. Curator will start on each of the nodes, but after having discovered that it is not on the elected master, will terminate without doing any actions.

Snapshot is performed by Elasticsearch at the cluster level. You do not need to run it on every node. As far as the "what if cron" goes down question is concerned, the answer is the same as the previous.

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