To do backup and restore in Curator using Cron job?


I have 5 nodes in my ES cluster . If i need to backup and restore everyday in ES cluster using cron job .

Do i need to run the cron job in every node of my ES cluster(i.e 5 nodes) or can i run in any single node in my ES cluster?


When it comes to backups, Elasticsearch does not reason in terms of nodes, but in terms of indices. So running the backup call on a single node is enough, just make sure it includes all indices you need to backup.

Thanks.. One thing i forgot to say that each node is in one VM . Is it okay then also to run crontab in any one server because i dont know what will happen if a any one server goes down?


You'd probably want to put that cron job on a machine that is dedicated to orchestration, it does not need to be one of the nodes of your cluster.

What does it mean?


I just mean a separate machine that only does simple things that are unlikely to bring it down, like runnig simple cron jobs.

kk. got that


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