Elasticsearch does not work with network.host

I have been trying to set up a test version of a website on a different server.
The website uses React, Strapi, Postgres, Nginx and Elasticsearch.
All of them are working, but the website is stuck on a loader.

I do not whether it is something with Elasticsearch or something else. However, I had a problem with network.host in yml file. When it was network.host I could curl only for and it did not work with server-ip:9200. When I had changed it into, I could not restart elastic. So I have changed it into html.host and it works for both and server-ip:9200.
Can I leave it like that? I mean with html.host. Or it shouldn't be like that?

Thank you for your help in advance!

Covered in this post

I had read it before, but I still was not sure.
Maybe I can use both html.host and network.host in the same time. What do you think?

It has started to work with only network.host after I add a domain instead IP.

From what I remember, I think network.host signals more startup checks to be enforced.

It was a communication problem. I have added CORS settings and it works now.

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