is not working in elasticsearch 7.3.0

Hi there,

I am using two elasticsearch in two separate servers. one is 6.8.0 and other is 7.3.0.

I am planning to use metricbeat on several servers and visualize in elasticsearch server by kibana.

The problem is: when I configure elasticsearch to accept request from all servers in 6.8.0, I have simply added in the elasticsearch.yml file and its working fine.

But, when I do the same in 7.3.0, it stops automatically after some seconds, I cannot curl

I have checked the firewall, there is no problem there.

Can you please, help.

Hi @mostafa_kamal,

Could you please share the elasticsearch -7.3.0 logs ?

Harsh Bajaj

Hi, got it.

Added this line to the elasticsearch.yml file and problem is solved: cluster.initial_master_nodes: node-1

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