Unable to connect to elasticsearch after upgrading to 7.3.0

I upgraded to elastisearch 7.3.0 on Windows and the service is running. With the default elasticsearch.yml, I am able to connect to localhost:9200 but I cannot connect to it with IpAddress:9200 on the local machine or from another machine. It does not work even after I added network.host: to elasticsearch.yml. I also tried to add network.publish_host: IpAddress but it did not work either.

I am on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Update: The elasticsearch-service-x64 service dies once I have network.host: (or the server's IP address). I can start/restart it but after several seconds, it just dies.

Update 2: After uinstalling the service, making sure service with that service id is completely removed, re-installing the service, the service now can stay alive. But still "network.host:" does not work for me. Without it, I can do "localhost:9200" but with it I can neither do "IpAddress:9200" nor do "localhost:9200".

Hello @jxz,

can i have more details, Logs and your conf.yml ??


I am facing the same problem, please, help.

I have just added a single line with the default configuration: network.host:

I have raised the issue here as well: Network.host: is not working in elasticsearch 7.3.0

Please, help.

Hi, got it.

Added this line to the elasticsearch.yml file and problem is solved: cluster.initial_master_nodes: node-1