Elasticsearch doesn’t start on Windows 2016 Server

I have the same issue.

Thank you

Hi @community_leaders ,

Can you please give attention to this issue. I am trying solve the issue. But I could n't ..

Thank you advance..

Hi @spinscale and @Mario_Castro

Can you help me this issue ?

Thank you

please stop pinging people or groups of people directly. If you need SLAs for your answers then thinking about a commercial support subscription makes sense, but this forum at its core is completely driven by volunteers, which should be respected by anyone posting a question.

Alternatively you can open a github issue, as there seems to be an issue with a certain setup that you are facing. Please make sure to include as many information as possible, see https://www.elastic.co/help

Before doing that, you might want to check this issue though and it just might be a local permissions issue, that could be checked out here as well, by providing more information https://github.com/elastic/windows-installers/issues/238


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