Elasticsearch exited with code 0

I came in yesterday morning, and my elasticsearch would no longer start. I have checked my docker preferrences on my mac running OS X version 10.14.6 memory allocation is set to 4GiB (and I fiddled with this just to be sure this wasn't having any impact) my laptop's RAM is 16GB.

Convinced it wasn't my docker-compose.yml, but willing to try all the same (because I know it was working friday), I have copied the docker-compose.yml off the example page with no changes in observed output https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/docker.html

If I check docker-stats my memory usage for other containers is zero as I have shut them all off in debugging this issue.

As far as I understand, exit code 0 is not an error code but just indicates that a process has finished - is there a way I can see why elasticsearch believes it is complete? As I believe by default it should run forever

server jporter$ docker-compose up
Starting es03 ... done
Starting es02 ... done
Starting es01 ... done
Attaching to es03, es02, es01
es03 exited with code 0
es02 exited with code 0
es01 exited with code 0

This appears to have been a Docker for mac issue. Restoring to factory settings fixed it

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