Elasticsearch fails to start on Ubuntu nodes, other issues

I've got a 3 node Elastic stack (each VM runs Elasticsearch and Logstash, one runs Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) set up on Microsoft Azure VM's, using Ubuntu 20.04.
Recently, my elasticsearch cluster has been ignoring the network settings in elasticsearch.yml. The logs show it attempting to set the publish address to, no matter what I put in the network.host setting in elasticsearch.yml. This happens when the service is starting, and the log says that my cluster settings aren't suitable for production because the cluster settings haven't been configured, but they have and my cluster functioned with these exact settings. The service then fails to start.
Any ideas on what's happening? It's elasticsearch 7.10.2
I'm dealing with

Sharing some logs output in a pastebin/gist would be great!

sure thing! this is the chunk of log that shows it trying to use the wrong address

same log, but here's elasticsearch shutting itself down

here's my network and discovery settings in elasticsearch.yml

each of the nodes uses that config, with the network.host being the IP address of the respective nodes


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