Elasticsearch free disk space at restart

I got a machine with 6.7GB if data, once a restart my cluster, the data says drop from 6.7 to 3.7GB

root@node001:~# du -sch /data/elastic/nodes/0/indices/*
6,7G /data/elastic/nodes/0/indices/1fTFvrmHRh2mrKNpMncsPA
6,7G total

root@node001:~# du -sch /data/elastic/nodes/0/indices/*
3,7G /data/elastic/nodes/0/indices/1fTFvrmHRh2mrKNpMncsPA
3,7G total

Why? there is a process to shrink data? Is it possible to run this process without restart the cluster ? it is something have to be done as maintenance ?

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