Elasticsearch goes down when there's lot of data to search


I have an index with almost 1 million documents, and when i set the time range for more than 30 days, it gives me a timeout, and the elasticsearch instance goes down.

Any idea what could be the problem? I assume there is some misconfiguration or similar?


please take your time to write a proper report with some more information - what does 'goes down' mean? Is the process killed? Is it still responding? Is only the request blocked? Can you copy the curl response? Have you checked the Elasticsearch logfiles, is there any further information? Where is this timeout occuring? What Elasticsearch version are you using? What query are you executing exactly?

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Sorry for the lack of information

In kibana, i start to see timeout messages on the visualisation i want to display

When i try to view any other visualisation in kibana, it does not respond, and after some time, i start to have error 500 messages

In elasticsearch, for some time the process is still listening on port 9200, although it does not answer to the requests. Finally it gets killed due to an out of memory error.

Maybe i should limit the max amount of memory allocated to elasticsearch to prevent this error?


This is already much more information than previously, as you did not mention an out of memory exception.

I asked for a few more things, please provide all of them, as they are vital for debugging.

Thanks a lot!

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